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Sinar Bangunan Building Center (SBBC)

Sinar Bangunan is one of Kupang's origional hardware stores and the first to be established in the Kuanino area many years ago...

Its second store known as Sinar Bangunan Building Center (SBBC) in TDM district was opened 11-11-2011 and was the first building materials supermarket in Kupang with superior products and a modern shopping concept for the convenience of shoppers...

With the choice of products that they provide, your needs will be available at their place...

General Hardware

Look no further as SBBC has a full range of general hardware items tools from trade specific to general handyman... Shovels, hammers, electrical tools, construction equipment and spare parts can all be found and if there is a special item or brand name your need, SBBC can get it...

Raw Materials

SBBC has the raw materials needed for all types of construction and if there is a special product you need it can all be easily sourced from the interstate suppliers and even taken directly to your requested address... Construction materials, including steel, aluminum, glass, galvanized steel, roofing sheets, raw fiberglass and concrete products are all available from SBBC...

Tools of the Trade

Looking for that special tool for that special job??? Well look no further as SBBC has a full range of tools from trade specific to general handyman. shovels, hammers, electrical tools, construction equipment and spare parts can all be found at SBBC...

Fiberglass Items

SBBC can supply a full range of locally manufactured fiberglass products from it's separate fiberglass workshop Amin Fiberglass located in the Industrial Zone of TDM with hundreds of square meters of workshop space enabling them to produce a large range of products in high numbers if necessary...

Ornate Fences

Ornate fences are are made from only the strongest grades of industrial steel... Choose a design from a catalogue or feel free to make your own... Galvanized sheets of pre-fabricated fencing material as well as rolls of Chicken Wire fencing material is also available...

Canopies & Verandas

Beautiful shade structures can be made for any purpose... Garages, verandas, patio areas and even shopfronts... Amin Fiberglass uses Solarlite, the best fiberglass sheeting available to ensure your area is protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun...

Fiberglass Products

An assortment of products from fiberglass is available. From water tanks, boats, bath tubs, children's slides, water tubs and much more... You can choose color and size to meet your personal requirements... Order in bulk or just a one off item, it's up to you... Prices are very competitive...

Staircases, Guard Rails & Speed Boats

Whether inside or out, SBBC can erect staircase railing complete with guard rails in stainless steel or paintable raw steel... SBBC can receive orders for a range of fabricated fiberglass boats and other water craft available in many types and sizes...

Children's Playgrounds

A full range of children's playground equipment can be ordered through SBBC... Special orders for certain types of climbing and play structures also available... Choose from the selection of ready made items or find out how easy it is for SBBC to arrange the manufacture of anything...


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