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Sinar Bangun Mandiri (SBM)

Sinar Bangun Mandiri was founded in 2008 and became the first ready mix concrete business in the city of Kupang with a commitment to provide the best service and quality for their clients...

If you have any project that requires a professional ready mix concrete solution then Sinar Bangun Mandiri is your best choice...

Sinar Bangun Mandiri also specializes in the full range of precast concrete products including box culverts, U ditches and full concrete fencing systems...

Why we love SBM

You can also order from Sinar Bangun Mandiri's retail outlets at Sinar Bangunan Building Center in TDM or their other retail outlet Sinar Bangunan strategically located in Kuanino...

For the highest quality pavers and bricks made with the strongest mixtures of concrete, Sinar Bangun Mandiri is the answer...

Varying designs of outdoor paving blocks can adorn your home or business as well as the standard size building bricks...


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