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Sasando International Kupang's first true
international hotel..

Sasando International

Sasando International Hotel was originally built in 1997 due to the opening of Kupang as an international airport hub with Kupang-Darwin-Kupang flights twice weekly...

Back then it was classed as the best hotel in Kupang with it's amazing hilltop sea views, lots of rooms, disco & nightclub and beautiful garden swimming pool...

Trying to reinvent itself, it was recently renamed the New Sasando International Hotel with some substantial renovations throughout the hotel...

Why we love Sasando International

Love is a strong word and not relevant when describing the New Sasando International Hotel...

Unfortunately there are dozens of better options scattered throughout Kupang...

Great Room Veiws 0
Hillside Location 0
Family Friendly Pool 0
Wedding Events 0
Meeting Facilities 0
Friendly Staff 0

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