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Lavalon Cafe & Hostel

Lavalon Cafe & Hostel is located in the heart of Kupang close to all the action... Edwin Lerrick, the owner/manager, will be happy to see you and more than willing to assist you with your holiday planning...

With some doubles, twins and one dormitory, Lavalon Cafe & Hostel is a great place to lay your head at the end of a long day...

Why we love Lavalon

The beach and sea views are refreshing and the sunsets are great... Lavalon has some of the coldest beers in Kupang and the available menu has some great food...

Lavalon Cafe & Hostel is located upon a rocky cliff face just above Tode Beach and gets a constant sea breeze...

Free Wifi at the Lavalon Cafe & Hostel can be accessed for checking your mail, searching the web or reconfirming your travel itinerary...

Comfy Rooms 0
Value for Money 0
Coldest Beer 0
Sea Breeze 0
Above the Beach 0
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