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Palapa Resto & Cafe and Nasi Padang Melayu

Palapa Resto & Cafe is a fully air-conditioned restaurant with an upscale feel and a great menu of mixed Western, Indonesian and Chinese dishes...

Since 2011, Palapa Resto & Cafe has been a Kupang favorite for family or small group dining events...

'Nasi Padang Melayu' is an accompanying outdoor section of Palapa Resto & Cafe which serves traditional Padang dishes in a relaxed open-air setting...

Why we love Palapa

Good taste, variety of menu choices complete, excellent service, prices according to quality, and very cozy restaurant atmosphere, has become the hallmark of Palapa Resto & Cafe, and has received rave reviews and 5 star recognition from it's customers...

Order from either Palapa Resto & Cafe or 'Nasi Padang Melayu' menus and choose your seating option as you like, air-condition indoors or open-air outdoors...


Dining Atmosphere


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