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Moz Cafe

Moz Cafe Resto and Lounge is the perfet place to relax and grab a great burger...

The menu is definitely focused around burgers and also Mexican dishes in an homely open air atmosphere that's friendly and comfortable...

Cocktails, Birthday Parties and Themed Nights keep coming back to Moz Cafe fresh and exciting...

Best Burgers
Chip Wedges
Theme Night
Al Fresco
Iced Sangria
Great Parties
Onion Rings
Fiesta Nights

Why we love Moz Cafe

I have to say that the burgers are really delicious and I find myself craving them all the time... The family run kitchen can cater to your specific request regarding the burgers as well so feel free to customize to your hearts content...

Moz Cafe is open 17:00 to 21:30 nightly EXCEPT NOT ON TUESDAYS..

Kupang's Best Burgers
Crispiest Onion Rings
Family Friendly Kitchen

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