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Bil's Resto

Bil’s at Bukit Intan Lestari is a fairly new restaurant on the edge of Kupang, high on a cliff overlooking the sea...

Only using natural produce, this restaurant offers quality fare... As the area develops, this will become a much more popular spot...

From the bright young manager, Wiwid, we learned a great deal about the restaurant and its vision...

Great Parties
Sweet Deals
Tasty Food
Hiltop View
Best Sunsets
Nice Photos
Cool Drinks
Night Dining

Why we love Bil's

We dined on delectable fish soup, and I enjoyed a sweet and sour chicken dish as well...

The food was superb!!! We found Bil’s a pleasant place to relax and visit in the evening, and we’ll definitely be back...

Tastest Fish Soup
Best Hiltop Views
Good Party Deals

Bil's SosMed

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Bil's Location

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