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Veterinarian – Animal Hospital

If your loved one is feeling sick or has an injury then don't worry... Kupang has it's own government veterinarian clinic that is ready to help you...

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact one of the doctors below or go directly to the animal hospital with the location link lower down the page...

drh. Elfirst Welkis, M.Sc 0852-3943-2714

drh. Joice Y. Agustaf 0823-4113-4319

drh. Nusri Safu 0853-3934-4713

drh. Piter G. Nitbani 0812-8836-4447

drh. Jullyana M. Kely 0852-3998-4858

drh. Stella Nahak 0857-4003-8158

Animal Hospital Location

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