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Bemo Routes & Maps

Bemo Routes and Maps

Public transport has been around since the horse and carriage and in many countries these forms of people movers have become an icon of identity for those countries...

Kupang Bemos began life as pick up trucks with a hand made steel roof covers over the tray area with two long bench seats either side and access through the rear of the vehicle as the main picture above shows...

Since the 80's, Kupang Bemos have morphed into something of a unique blend of public transport, a place to hang out and a disco on wheels...

Modern Kupang Bemos

Every individual Kupang Bemo has it's own name painted brightly on the side in various fonts and colors...

It's a once pay for endless ride system so if you just want to circle around back to the start, it's no more expensive... 2021 prices are IDR.4k for adults and IDR.2k for students with babies or very young kids with parents normally riding for free...

Each bemo has loud music, flashing lights at night and a conductor(aka: konjak) who normally sits or hangs in the doorway calling out the Bemo's destination for perspective passengers and will collect your money when you disembark...

Kupang Bemo Google Maps

Don't forget there are also Bemos constantly leaving Terminal Kota Lama heading out to Bolok,Tenau, Noelbaki, Penfui, and Baumata... These Bemos are painted any color and have no numbers but always display the destination above the windscreen in clear block letters...

So jump on and take a ride - You'll love it...

6 must do Kupang things

Try the local food

Kupang's food scene is a special mix of traditional foods of the Timorese People mix with Javanese and Chinese delights...

Walk a deserted beach

Some of the pristine white sandy beaches of Timor, Semau and Monkey Islands will take your breath away...

Visit a local village

The friendliness of the indigenous people of Timor is overwhelming as they are a generous and loving people...

Hunt for souvenirs

The traditional artwork and craftsmanship of the Timorese is world renowned - raw and honest expression...

Swim with the fishes

Kupang diving and snorkeling around Timor, Semau and Monkey Islands is some of the most diverse in Indonesia...

Enjoy awesome sunsets

Kupang has some amazing vantage points where you can watch the sun go down after a great day...

Beaches Baby, Beaches

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